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Functional Lab Testing

70% of all medical decisions are based on lab results.
— Badrick T. (2013) Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine. Clin Biochem Rev. 2013 Aug; 34(2): 43–46

Unlike traditional doctors, Dr. Miller will analyze your labs from a functional perspective. This means to compare your results to what is optimal, instead of just whether or not you are in a disease state.

Many people can have dysfunction that they are unaware of for years before they have symptoms or a disease manifests. For example, you may be suffering from headaches, infertility, or gastrointestinal distress, however you have been told that all your lab work came back normal and that nothing is wrong with you. 

Functional lab testing and analysis will help determine what supplements, food avoidance, and/or lifestyle changes can help you support healing of your chronic health condition, manage your risk for chronic disease, and achieve optimal health through your life.

What are the benefits of having periodic functional lab analysis?

  • Objectively determine your current health status

  • Indentify the root cause(s) of your health issue(s)

  • Manage risk for future chronic disease

  • Identify specific nutrition needed to achieve health

  • Track your health status through time

  • Adjust lifestyle and nutrition based on results

After your health status and nutritional needs are determined through your health consults and functional lab testing, Dr. Miller will provide you with an individualized diet and supplement plan that will be adjusted through time based on periodic health consults and lab testing so you can know that the lifestyle and supplement plan you are following is objectively benefiting you.