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Order Your Nutrition

Once your nutritional needs have been determined based on your functional health consults and lab tests, you can conveniently order the specific supplements you need directly through our online stores. The easy online ordering ensures you can easily obtain the exact high-quality, bio-active nutritional supplements needed to achieve and maintain your optimal health.

Most supplements are physician grade and many can be very potent and should only be used under direction of an experienced healthcare provider. 

Provider Information for Biotics Research Account Registration (Call Biotics Research at 800-231-5777 to create a patient account): 

  • Dr. Sean Miller, D.C.

  • Biotics Research Patient Access Number: 60TD8058

Most of the brands Dr. Miller recommends and trusts are available through the online store links above. These brands include Biotics Research, Thorne, Standard Process, Metagenics, Nanogreens, Pure Encapsulations, and more. If you cannot find the supplement you need please contact us.

What are the advantages of ordering supplements from Dr. Miller?

  • High-quality brands tested for potency

  • Clinically tested for effectiveness

  • Bio-active forms, so your body actually benefits

  • Easy to maintain your supply of supplements

  • Conveniently delivered directly to you 

  • No driving across town to your doctors office

  • Peace of mind that you are taking vitamins that will actually help you