Dr. Sean Miller, D.C.



Initial Functional Health Consultation

The first step in determining the state of your health and reaching your optimal health level is the initial consultation. In the initial health consultation, Dr. Miller will review your health history, concerns, and goals with you.

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Functional Lab Testing and Analysis

We will help you figure out the correct lab tests, order them for you, and find a conven location to get your blood draw. Next, Dr. Miller will analyze your labs from a functional health perspective. This means to compare your results to what is optimal, instead of just whether or not you are in disease state.

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Online Nutritional Supplement Store

You can conveniently order the specific supplements you need directly through our online stores. This ensures you can easily obtain the exact high-quality, bio-active nutritional supplements needed to achieve and maintain your optimal health.

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Functional Health Maintenance Consultations

Maintenance health consultations and labs tests are essential so that you and Dr. Miller can objectively assess the results of your recommended lifestyle, diet, and nutritional supplements. 

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